Paula Deen made a big return to the spotlight on Sunday after seeing her career derailed last summer amid a racial slur scandal.

As reported at the time, the celebrity chef’s Food Network show was canceled and a number of endorsement deals were lost after she admitted to using the N-word in the past.

After taking the stage this weekend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in front of hundreds of fans, Deen admitted, “We have come off of a very hard summer my family and I, my team, my partners.”

“But you know, I have heard on more than one occasion … that I’ve never apologized. So if anybody did not hear me apologize, I would like to apologize to those who did not hear me,” she said.

Spectators in the crowd reportedly yelled out that Deen had nothing to be sorry for.

She told the group, “Ya’ll’s cards and letters that I got helped me get out of bed every day,” adding, “I am not a quitter.”

Deen also received some on-stage advice from former colleague Robert Irvine.

“This is a warning to you,” he reportedly told her. “You’ve apologized. You’ve eaten crow. You’re done. Don’t do it anymore.”

Photo Credit Getty Images