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Kim Kardashian is spilling some of the details of her upcoming wedding to rapper Kanye West.  On Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the reality TV star confirmed rumors that the vows would take place in the City of Lights.

While Kim wouldn't reveal the exact location of the ceremony, she did take a moment to deny recent rumors that they would be married at the Palace of Versailles. 

The rumors were sparked after the couple visited the palace this past week.  Kim explained that neither had been to the landmark before and they were simply there taking a private tour. 

When it comes to planning the wedding, Kim revealed that both she and Kanye are equally involved.  Apparently, they are each taking on different roles with Kim organizing the seating chart and Kanye taking care of the music.  Kim is grateful for Kanye's help, saying that it makes her job a lot easier.  After the two tie the knot this summer, she says she'll change her name to Kim Kardashian West. 

Kim also took fans behind the scenes of the ninth season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."  She says the latest season will feature a lot of episodes showing how she and Kanye are faring as they live with her mother, Kris. 

She also opened up about Bruce Jenner and Kris' relationship.  Kim wasn't surprised when Bruce moved out of the Kardashian home because they had been living separate lives as friends for a while.  She adds that the time away from each other is actually making them closer friends.