FERGUSON, Mo. — Protests continued Monday night in Ferguson, Mo. with activities turning violent, including the shooting of two rioters.

Monday marked the first night the curfew imposed by Gov. Jay Nixon on Friday was lifted in the inflamed community. The protests were peaceful in the beginning with around 500 people walking up and down West Florissant Avenue.

Police refused to let protesters gather at one spot. Eventually, the group spilled into the streets and began heading toward the Quik Trip, the site of repeated protests, vandalism and looting. It went all the way to the Mobil station at the corner of Florissant and Chambers Road.

The chants of “hands up, don’t shoot” and “justice” soon turned to “fuck the police” as the crowd size swelled. A minor verbal altercation broke out at the Mobil station where police were set up.

The group made a return pass to the corner of Florissant and Ferguson. It was here protesters began to clash with police.

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Photo Credit: Getty