Best places in AR to propose this Valentines Day

The 10 Best Places In Arkansas For A Marriage Proposal        

Home is where the heart is, but where you pop the question creates a magical moment. Some marriage proposals indeed have taken place in the comfort of a family home. However, there are those who want to add excitement, energy and a completely different atmosphere when asking the beloved to spend the rest of forever together. There are plenty of amazing places around Arkansas where you can look your sweetheart in your eye and humbly offer the promise of a happy life.

10. Pinnacle Mountain


Facebook/Cale Harden

Hike to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain with your sweetheart, take a look around, and I guarantee you'll feel romantic (if you don't have vertigo). How could anyone possibly not feel close enough to their loved one to say 'yes' here? Couples love Pinnacle Mountain!

9. Cedar Creek Trail


Facebook/Tabitha Reeves

Disregard the "Hazardous Area" sign that's clearly a metaphor for marriage here, right? The beauty of hiking the Cedar Creek Trail is almost like taking your sweetie through an enchanted woodland full of waterfalls and curious paths. Take the hike, set the mood, and pop the question!

8. Whispering Woods Cabins & Grill


Facebook/Whispering Woods Cabins & Grill

Whispering Woods Cabins & Grill is located in Jordan (near Calico Rock) at 4245 Highway 177 South. Plan a romantic getaway with your lover here for a weekend in a cozy cabin or dinner at the Grill. Enjoy the view of Lake Norfork as you discuss your wonderful future!

7. Ponca


Facebook/Buffalo Outdoor Center

The Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca has some of the most romantic cabins where you can propose marriage surrounded by the comforts of home. (The Hideaway cabin pictured is a great example.) It's hard to resist the perfectly set mood in a mountain cabin; so go for it!

6. Fairfield Bay



The Wyndham Resort in Fairfield Bay is known largely as a paradise for couples of all ages who want to get away and relax among lovely scenery. Book a stay in Fairfield Bay with your love and you'll be happy to talk about marriage around such beautiful surroundings.



 5. Signal Hill



If you and your sweetheart are the rigorous type, you can both hike to Signal Hill on Mount Magazine. You can propose there knowing you both can't go any higher physically from that point. It's all an emotional high once the engagement's on!

4. Bordino's on Dickson Street


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Located on 310 West Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Bordino's is popular for its cool, sleek Italian ambiance and romantic atmosphere. If you're the "propose over dinner" type, Bordino's is where you'll want to go to discuss the wedding over excellent wine and dinner.

3. Riverfront Park in Little Rock


Facebook/Adrianne Schimmelpfennig

Situated on the banks of the Arkansas River, there's a sense of grandeur when strolling around Riverfront Park with your loved one. This is a wonderful location to find 'your' spot--the place near the bridge or the bench overlooking the river where you finally became engaged.

2. Eureka Springs


Facebook/Thorncrown Chapel

Eureka Springs is such a fairy tale town. There are a number of romantic locations where you and your love will be swept away in the moment and the proposal will be successful. However, why not pop the question at the same place you might end up holding the ceremony? Thorncrown Chapel is a grand option for marriage proposals.

1. Garvan Woodland Gardens


Facebook/Garvan Woodland Gardens

Located in Hot Springs National Park, Garvan Woodland Gardens is another location where marriage proposals happen just as often as weddings. Imagine asking the love of your life to marry you while you're both on the Bridge of the Full Moon. No one can resist love while falling in love with their surroundings.

Celebrate love throughout every season of the year! (By the way,  it’s never too early to start planning out the perfect Valentine’s Day.) Congratulations to all of the Arkansas couples who tied the knot this year and for those beautiful couples still hanging in there and enjoying each others’ company throughout the years. Tell your wedding proposal stories in the comments. Where were you and how did it go?


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