If you walk in this business in Oklahoma, you'll see a live kangaroo wearing a dress


There is a kangaroo in downtown Sapulpa, and it works at an auto body shop.

The refurbished Gulf Oil Shop in Downtown Sapulpa is getting a lot of attention these days but, the buzz isn't just about the business. It's about who is running it. 

It's a normal day at the office for business owner Debrah Rivers. 

"I just bring a little bit of home. I just love to have the animals here with me," Rivers said. 

So, she brings a few with her to work each day.  

Including Roxy, a 7-month-old kangaroo.

"I grew up in Australia," Rivers said. "I was around kangaroos, and I was around all the exotic birds and everything and I have just loved them my whole life." 

Roxy plays in the shop while Rivers works each day

And Rivers said the Sapulpa locals love it. 

"Oh yes, they go into the banks, my dogs, my birds, my kangaroos, sometimes all of them on my shoulder," she said.  "I have been known to be called Ellie Mae Clampett."

Rivers said her animals have opened a special door with her customers and the community. 

"They are pretty shocked. But you know what, it really calms the air," she said. "We have friends in and out all day. We have workers in and out all day, neighbors in and out all day. People that come just to see the critters." 

Rivers said she hopes the love she has for exotic animal sets a new norm, even in downtown Sapulpa

"I just love all of them and I just love what they give back," she said. 

Rivers said that Roxy will keep coming to work with her until she is out of diapers. Then she will stay at home, in the family's indoor/outdoor space. 


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