The Rock City News is reporting a "naked glowing man" near Russellville.

Say what you will about the Rock City News. They always provide interesting reading.

They are reporting that a naked glowing man has been spotted near the vicinity of the Nuclear One plant in Russellville. They report that the police department  conducted a search of the area after several witness reported seeing the man. They said no one was discovered but they  found evidence of someone camping in the area, which is not open to the public.

“We found warm ashes from a camp fire and several bones from small animals,” reported  Jeff Humphrey, Chief of Police.  “He may be charged with trespassing and if it turns out he is naked he will be charged with indecent exposure.”

Nuclear One generates electricity for Entergy.  Unit One has been in operation since 1974 and Unit Two came online in 1978.  Calls to Entergy were not returned.  There have been no confirmed cases of someone starting to glow as a result of living in the proximity of a nuclear power plant.

The guy who heads up the local Sierra Club said it is possible because there have been cases of glowing fish, glowing armadillos, and glowing feral cats. The News said that the some residents have left old clothes and food for him, but nothing was touched.

“I think maybe whatever makes him glow makes him warm, too,” one man said. So maybe he is just fine without any clothes


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