It's radio people like this that make me sick.

Listeners outraged over radio host’s comments about deadly wildfires in the Texas Panhandle |                                                                         

A Texas radio host is apologizing after she made a comment on air in reference to the deadly wildfires in the Texas Panhandle.

Listeners of ‘The Highway’ on Sirius XM immediately took to social media after D.J. Ashley Till referred to the recent wildfires as a “barbecue.”

According to KFDA, Till said, “Barbecue for everyone” after a weather segment that included information about the fires.

So far, more than 325,000 acres in the Texas Panhandle has burned and claimed the lives of five people, including three ranchers who died while trying to save their cattle.

Till says she didn’t know the full story and accidentally made light of a tragedy.

“Sadly it’s turned into the telephone game. People are assuming I have no regard for human life or that I don’t care about the damage that has been done. This is simply not the case. I honestly didn’t know the full story of the fires. This isn’t an excuse. It’s me, admitting I should’ve done my research instead of just trying to make a quick one liner after something a cohost said. Of course I understand what I said hurt people. I also understand that it was a stupid, dumb mistake. And from the bottom of my heart I am sorry,” Till posted on her blog.


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