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Scammers scare you with bogus notice                                                                       

A bogus notice is intended to scare you into forking over your cash.

Mable from Oklahoma City received one.

The notice purports to be from Speedy Cash, a short-term loan company.

There is Mable's name, a case number and it shows an outstanding loan of $775.75.

It also makes several threats, saying “Should your payment not be received in full today, immediate court actions will take place."

The In Your Corner bottom line: someone is illegally using the Speedy Cash name, logo and mailing address.

Speedy Cash confirms an uptick in phone calls from people being targeted by the same fraud email.

On its website, there is this warning:

"These communications have been made in the form of calls and email, and are not being sent by speedy cash or any of our affiliates."

Mable filed a complaint with the company's fraud department.

More dead giveaways: 

  • There is no phone number anywhere, just an email, plus a good number of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Speedy Cash will also never require the prepayment of any amount as a condition of considering a loan application. 
  • If someone tells you to load money onto a prepaid debit card or demands you wire cash, it is a scam. 
  • Speedy Cash: Security Alerts

Do what Mable did - don't respond.

If there's a company listed on the notice, call them directly with questions.


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