Heart is heavy today. R.I.P. Kelley Williamson

It's really hard to describe how heartbreaking it was to find out about the death of one of the best stormchasers in the business. Kelley Williamson was one of three stormchasers killed last night in a two vehicle accident in Texas. The video below captures the final seconds before the accident as Kelley's vehicle was passing through and intersection and was struck by another vehicle.

Kelley and I have become twitter friends over the past three years, and he would always authorize me to use screenshots of his on social media. It was three years ago that Kelley was tracking the tornado that hit Mayflower and came into Fort Smith for a short time. He stopped by the station and let me check out his equipment and it was something I will always remember. These men and women do very dangerous work to try and keep others safe and it won't ever be forgotten



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