Thought I knew a lot about social media. Didn't know about these "fake" accounts kids create to hide stuff from us

It seems like kids are staying one step ahead of us on social media. 

If they are on social media, they might also have an account you aren't aware of.                                             

It's not uncommon for them to have more than one account on the photo-sharing app, often referred to as "finsta". Its  a combination of fake and Instagram, it's a secondary account people use to share more privately.

The secret accounts often don't have the user's real name or picture in the profile.

That's because the extra account could be home to inappropriate images.

A lot of the teens who are using these say its  more about connecting them with a tighter circle of friends without meeting the standards of a public post, where the number of likes and comments can become a measure of self worth.

Experts say it's important for parents to stay aware, and remind them that no account is truly private.

Each Instagram account must have a unique email address, so that can be another way to find multiple accounts.


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