Hard to believe it's been three years already since the beheading in Moore. It's back in the news

I think we are all horrified at what happened at the Vaughan Foods distribution center in 2014. Alton Nolen beheaded one of his co-workers inside the plant in Moore, Oklahoma.  Originally, Nolen wanted the death penalty that has all changed.                                                        

A judge has ruled this  morning that he  must stand trial.                                                            

Alton Nolen had announced in May 2016 that he wanted to plead guilty and be sentenced to death, but a Cleveland County District Court judge had ordered a mental evaluation to determine his competency.

A judge declared last week that he is competent to stand trial, and that he does not have an “intellectual disability.” 

Nolen was set to be sentenced Tuesday morning. The judge, however, cleared the courtroom after Nolen caused another disturbance. Officials said Nolen refused to go through the doors inside the courtroom, causing a scuffle. 

The judge ruled that Nolen must stand trial because he did not show up in court to enter a guilty plea. 


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