Nationwide manhunt for man who killed an elderly man on Facebook LIVE. PLEASE SHARE

It's the story that has captured the attention of all Americans. Just outside of Cleveland, Steve Stephens went on Facebook LIVE to kill a man that he didn't even know. The video, which has since been pulled, showed Stephens approach an elderly black man and ask him to say the name "Joy Lane" which is an ex-girlfriend of the killer. He then told the man "she is the reason this is about to happen to you" before shooting the man.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

He also claims to have murdered at least a dozen other people, though police are still investigating this claim.

Police say he could traveling anywhere in the country. Here is a picture of the man and the vehicle he was last driving  

  • Nationwide Manhunt For Man Who Killed Stranger While Streaming It Live On Facebook


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