This Oklahoma animal control officer nurses animals back to health. Hero. PLEASE SHARE

                                                                      This woman deserves all the credit she is getting. As a board member of the Sebastian County Humane Society, I can tell you the cost of keeping animals alive rather than euthanize them is high. But this woman doesn't see the alternative..

Officials say Yanna Tate has only worked with Ramona, Oklahoma  animal control for about a year, but has already turned around the lives of dozens of animals.

Tate has reportedly saved more than 15 animals by nursing them back to health in her own home since there is not a no-kill shelter in the area.

In December, Tate took in a dog named Vulcan after he was found malnourished and neglected in freezing temperatures.

Tate tells FOX 23 that dogs like Vulcan would usually be euthanized at the shelter because of the amount of time and money it costs to bring them back to health.

After he was nursed back to health, Vulcan was transferred to an animal rescue in Colorado.

Now, she is working to bring a no-kill shelter to the community.


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