Which states have the rudest drivers? Where is Ark and OK on the list

A new survey, conducted by a Kars4Kids Summer driving awareness campaign, ranks the states on how rude their drivers are.

Oklahoma and Arkansas drivers rank among the rudest.    



Oklahoma received a ā€œDā€ grade and ranks 43rd overall on the list The state also received a ā€œDā€ when it comes to using turn signals. Arkansas received a D- grade and sits 48th.

These states have the most courteous drivers:

1. Idaho

2. New Mexico

3. Oregon

4. Montana

5. Alaska

6. Hawaii

7. Colorado

8. Washington

9. Vermont

10. New Hampshire

These states have the least courteous drivers:

41. Iowa

42. Pennsylvania

43. Oklahoma

44. Georgia

45. Maine

46. Wisconsin

47. Louisiana

48. Arkansas

49. South Carolina

50. New York


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