The armed escapees spotted this morning near Sapulpa Oklahoma. PLEASE SHARE

The two inmates who overpowered their transport guards and escaped on Tuesday in Major County, where spotted this morning near Sapulpa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The out-of-state inmates, Andrew Jason Foy, 32, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Darren Walp, 37, of Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, were being escorted to Kansas by a private inmate transport service when they escaped Tuesday by overpowering escort officers in Major County.

Major County Sheriff Steven Randolph reports surveillance video from a QuikTrip in Sapulpa showed the men at 1:40 a.m. Thursday in a tractor-trailer. They are believed to be have left the store eastbound.

The tractor-trailer is described as a black 2007 Peterbilt with Oklahoma license plate 706493 that was stolen from near 2300 block of E State Highway 66, in El Reno sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday, the sheriff's office reports.

Major County Deputy Gary Swymeler said the escaped inmates also face kidnapping charges. He said there were four other inmates in the transport van early Tuesday when Foy and Walp physically grabbed the driver and made him stop. The escort officers were not armed and did not fight back or try to resist. The driver was ordered to drive the van about a mile down a county road where Foy and Walp then told the other inmates they could either escape with them or get out of the van. When the transport officers and other inmates got out, Foy and Walp demanded the officers' cellphones and cash and then escaped in the van. 


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