This is why what we do at the SC Humane Society is so important

Just wanted to pass this along to you guys and I hope you feel the need to share it. This is a picture of dog that we were called about this morning.   

 You just wouldn't believe some of the cases of neglect that we see. This sweet dog had such matted fur, that it is going to have to be completely shaved. It will have to be put under while it is being shaved to keep it from moving around. At first, animal control thought the dog had been hit by a car because it couldn't walk. We have since found out that the reason it couldn't walk was because it is so matted up. In the past, this dog might have been euthanized, but that is not the case now as we try to "save them all". Please consider making a donation this weekend to the Sebastian County Humane Society so that we may continue the incredible work that is being done there.

You can donate online at


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