Don't throw away your crockpot because of "This Is Us"

Crazy how many people took to social media after Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us. And many of them where mad at their crockpots.

(SPOILER ALERT) Don't read on if you haven't watched it.                                                                                           

“This Is Us” fans finally got (some) of the answers they were looking for regarding the death of beloved TV patriarch Jack Pearson, and now they’re taking all of their frustrations out on the slow cooker that’s seemingly responsible. 

Tuesday’s episode ended in flames after a faulty slow cooker caught fire as Jack turned in for bed during a Super Bowl Sunday flashback scene. Days after the tragic scene aired, fans were still sharing their concerns about their own slow cookers on social media, some of whom even declared they’ll be throwing theirs away. 

“Craigslist is going to be full of people getting rid of their Crock-Pot Slow Cookers,” Facebook user Meghan Breining wrote on the brand’s page Thursday, where dozens of other comments echoed similar concerns. 

“I am so ANGRY with you for killing Jack!!!!” user Drago Harley wrote. “You are responsible for those wonderful three children losing their father.” 


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