Want a FREE Divorce for Valentines Day?

A law firm in North Little Rock is running a contest, giving away a FREE Divorce for Valentines Day.           

Wilson & Haubert, PLLC in North Little Rock, AR, is giving married couples in their area the chance to wish one another luck on their future endeavors.

The post, made on Feb. 7, says: "In honor of Valentine's Day, we are giving one lucky winner A FREE DIVORCE! Are you ready to call it quits? Do you know someone that is? Here's how to enter our Valentine's Day Divorce giveaway??"

The value of this prize? Over $985! Or also known as 'priceless' if you need a divorce.

Brandon Haubert says they'd talked about running the contest for the last few years but didn't want to seem offensive. However, with the short time the post has been on their page, he says the response has been overwhelmingly positive and that the contest has more than 40 submissions so far. 

"People see the post and get a laugh," Haubert said. "And whoever wins the special gets to laugh, too, because they get what they want." 


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