Three people on the run after home invasion in Oklahoma. PLEASE SHARE

Police are on the lookout for three men in a stolen car who committed a home invasion in Oklahoma  this morning.                                                                           

 Authorities are searching for three suspects who are accused of breaking into a home and tying up the residents.

Officials say two people drove up Lynn Lane Rd. in Catoosa  to visit friends when they were suddenly chased by three men.

“Once they came outside, they took both victims inside. They tied them up. Once they tied them up, they were in there for a couple of hours. They ransacked the residence,” Brent Colbert, with the Catoosa Police Department.

After the suspects fled in a stolen car, the victims were able to free themselves and call 911.

“If they’ve done it at one residence and they’ve got weapons, then they’ll do it at another residence. We don’t know what they’re looking for, or if there are other houses they’re looking for. They could do it to anybody at any time,” Colbert said.

Even though the suspects got away, police arrested the homeowner and his son after finding marijuana plants on the property.


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