Total strangers pays for school supplies for Oklahoma teacher

This weekend is Fill The Bus with the United Way. You can help out students with school supplies, but also teachers. Teachers have to take hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets every year for their classrooms. One teacher in Oklahoma got the help of a total stranger                                                            

Recently, Kim Russell Prato says she was at Office Depot to purchase school supplies for her students.

“I’m a single parent and many times, I have to carefully weigh if a classroom purchase can be made or if it will wreck my personal budget for things like gas and groceries. I decided to bite the bullet today and get these items to incorporate more whole group learning time, classroom management and individualized learning,” Prato wrote on Facebook.

While at Office Depot, Prato said that she walked through the store several times debating if she could really afford the supplies.

When she was waiting in line, she began speaking with another customer, who is the parent of a Deer Creek student.

The man asked if she was a teacher, and decided to pay for all of her school supplies at the register.

Prato said that she is still “completely overwhelmed” by the stranger’s kindness.



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