Exciting news....she's having another baby

The rumors have been spreading for awhile, and no the news can be let out. 

After months of questions and rumors, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch announced Wednesday the news millions of worldwide giraffe fans have been waiting to hear: April the giraffe is pregnant again.

Last month, the park announced it was sending 30 days worth of fecal samples to another zoo's laboratory for progesterone testing to confirm the pregnancy, 14 months after April gave birth to her calf, Tajiri on site at the park.

Keeper Allysa Swilley had collected a fecal sample from April's stall over the course of a month. The samples were secured in plastic bags, labeled and dated before being put in freezer storage.

April is months into her pregnancy and due to give birth in early spring 2019, park officials said.

Last year, Southern Tier residents and others from around the nation and world watched, as the heavily pregnant giraffe captivated audiences on the park's live stream during the final weeks of her pregnancy. 


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