Bank robbery in Fort Smith. Picture included

Robbery occurred this morning at the ATM outside the Bank Of The Ozarks on Rogers Avenue.                                                                      

The robbery occurred about 11 a.m. at the branch at 5401 Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith, said Sgt. Wendall N. Sampson of the Fort Smith Police Department.

Police said bank personnel were servicing the ATM when two suspects jumped them from behind and grabbed two canisters of money from the bank employees. The suspects then fled the scene in a white SUV..

The bank canisters, large metal boxes, are believed to contain about $20,000, Sampson said.

One of the suspects, shown in a surveillance video, was a black male dressed in black clothing wearing white socks with black sandals or flip-flops and a white cloth around his face.

One of the suspects has been captured in Spiro, and they are searching for the other one. This is the vehicle the suspects were driving.   (Photo courtesy of Brett Rains from 40/29)


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