The cutest pic you will see all day

If this doesn't get to you, you don't have a pulse. 

Photo shows female duck followed by dozens of ducklings

A photo showing a female duck followed by upwards of 50 ducklings has sparked national and international attention, awe and a little confusion.

"Mom of the year" some have mused of the photo taken by wildlife photographer Brent Cizek on June 27 in on Lake Bemidji in Minnesota. 

But the scene is better understood as an extreme example of duckling daycare, an expert says. And the mom leading the way? She might more accurately be described as a grandmother. Maybe a great-grandmother.

The ducks pictured in the photo — common merganser — are among a number of bird species that can care for their young in a "day care system" called a crèche, the New York Times reports. In a crèche, multiple females leave their offspring in the care of an experienced female.


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