Hepatitis A discovered at Fort Smith restaurant. PLEASE SHARE

A worker at the Fort Smith location of Red Lobster has been diagnosed with Hepititis A.                                                                                      

The Arkansas Department of Health is warning anyone who ate at the facility from July 19 to August 4 should seek vaccination immediately, according to the health department, if they have not already been vaccinated or are not sure if they have been or not.

One dose of hep A vaccine has been required for entry into kindergarten and first grade since 2014. Most adults are likely not vaccinated, according to the health department.

The department is planning hep A vaccination clinics in Sebastian County. The vaccine will be provided for free. Details about the clinics will be released soon, the department said.

"There are no specific treatments once a person gets hep A," the department said. 

"Illness can be prevented even after exposure by getting the vaccine or medicine called immune globulin. This medicine contains antibodies to hep A. The vaccine and medicine works best if given within two weeks of exposure to the virus. However, if it has been more than two weeks since potential exposure but symptoms have not yet developed, the vaccine may still be given."


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