Another tragic bullying story

As we start another school year, we are going to start hearing more and more stories like this about bullying. Please talk to your kids...

The mother of a 9-year-old Denver boy who committed suicide last week after being bullied went on Facebook to ask people to help stop bullying. She had recently learned her son was gay. 

Jamel Myles, died Thursday after being taken to the hospital, according to a report from the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner.

The manner of death was suicide and did not involve a firearm, the report said.

In her public Facebook post, Leia Pierce wrote, "Please we are all the different and thats what makes us the same because we all have 1 thing in common we're all different thats what makes this world beautiful .. i want justice for my son and every kid who is bullied.. i want bullying to end i never want to hear someone else go thru this pain."

Pierce also wrote in a post: "My son died because of being bullied please tell ur kids to love everyone we all need to love each other."

Shoemaker Principal Christine Fleming sent a letter to parents Friday about Myles' death.

"It is with extreme sadness we share with you that one of our fourth-grade students, passed away yesterday. This is an unexpected loss for our school community," the letter said.

The letter also says Shoemaker staff had not informed students as of Friday afternoon and that, "We are leaving the decision on how this is communicated to your child to your discretion as you know your child best."

The Denver Public School District crisis team and a school social worker were available for students Monday.


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