Gillgan's Island star getting help from her fans


Dawn Wells, known for her role as Mary Ann Summers on “Gilligan’s Island,” thanked her fans Wednesday (Sept. 5) on Facebook for donating to a GoFundMe page and helping pay her alleged $194,000 debt.

Dugg Kirkpatrick, who identified himself as Wells’ friend, launched a GoFundMe page on August 27 seeking donations for the actress on the iconic TV series. He said Wells “lost everything” in 2008 and an “unexpected accident” left her hospitalized for two months.

The GoFundMe page said Wells needed $194,000 to “alleviate penalties by the IRS” and to pay her hospital bills.

Wells, 79, confirmed that her friend made the GoFundMe page.

“I don’t know how this happened. I thought I was taking all the proper steps to ensure my golden years. Now, here I am, no family, no husband, no kids and no money,” said Wells in the post.

The campaign had raised over $120,000 as of Friday (Sept. 7) morning. Wells thanked her friends and fans for their support in her Facebook post.


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