Billionaire offering people $10,000 to move to Tulsa for a year

Tulsa is a great city and now one billionaire wants others to find out how great it is.

Nearly 1,000 people already want to take billionaire George Kaiser up on the offer to pay them $10,000 to spend a year in Tulsa, his charitable foundation said Wednesday, just a day after announcing the innovative recruiting effort.

Inquiries have come from all across the country and even from overseas, with the George Kaiser Family Foundation describing the response as “phenomenal.”

Only 20 to 25 people will receive the funding from GKFF, with the first batch coming early next year and others following over the course of several months, officials said. No local jobs are included in the deal, so participants need to already have jobs that will let them work remotely from Tulsa.

The money won’t come all at once, either. Participants will receive $2,500 for relocation expenses, followed by $500 monthly stipends and an additional $1,500 at the end of 12 months.

They’ll also have the option of living in new furnished apartments in the Tulsa Arts District with discounted rent and free utilities for the first three months.


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