Elle King Says ‘It’s Fun To Do Stuff’ With Miranda Lambert

Elle King tells Cody Alan that filming “Drunk (And I Don’t Want To Go Home)” with Miranda Lambert was the most fun she has ever had on a music video shoot.

Cody promised not to tell her old duet partner Dierks Bentley that some things are just “Different For Girls.”

“It’s really fun to do stuff with your friend,” says Elle.

“In all honesty, I dread music videos. They are always really, really stressful. It’s a whole lot of glamour shots singing to the camera. It makes me want to vomit,” laughs Elle.”I am just like, “I am a tom-boy.” I’ll do it. I love to get my hair done and stuff. It’s just a lot of pressure about looking good and looking pretty.”

Knowing that the shoot days are often laborious for everyone, Elle decided to flip the script and offer a new idea. “I said, what if we made this music video fun? What if we played like, “characters.” I just really wanted this to be an enjoyable experience for both of us.”

“Miranda, my fiancé and I, like we genuinely had a really, really fun time,” shared the “Ex’s & Oh’s” singer.

“There is something to be said about playing like a ridiculous character,” continued the star. “Me, in that freaking wedding dress. For some reason, I felt beautiful. I felt like a white trash queen, and my man had his mullet cut for that. It was really, really, fun.”

We aren’t sure what we love more, the Cyndi Lauper-inspired looks or the sighting of people having a genuinely great time together. See it for yourself by clicking below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.