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President Obama insists the overall strategy against ISIS is to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic militant group.  In a news conference at the NATO summit in Wales, Obama said ISIS poses a legitimate threat to NATO members.  He noted that NATO is prepared to join a broad international effort to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 

ISIS militants have been rampaging through Syria and Iraq and have beheaded two American journalists.  The U.S. has launched numerous, targeted airstrikes against ISIS targets in northern Iraq in recent weeks.  

The President has been pondering a strategy to pursue ISIS targets in Syria but has not yet unveiled a plan.  He is also deciding whether to seek congressional authorization for a broader military effort against ISIS. 

Obama insisted that U.S. combat forces will not be deployed against ISIS in Syria or Iraq.  He said some Arab states and Sunni Muslim leaders have also agreed to join the coalition to fight ISIS.  Obama stressed that the coalition must act with urgency but must also take steps to "do it right."  

PHOTO: Getty Images