In honor of Diane Sawyer, who will be stepping down as the anchor of the nightly newscast ABC World News, here are some interesting facts from her bio:

She was the 1963 America's Junior Miss and she credits it with teaching her with poise and grace.

She was once a TV weather girl in Louisville early in her broadcast career.

She was a Nixon White House press aide and at one time was rumored to be Watergate's infamous "Deep Throat"

In 1978, she joined CBS News as a general-assignment reporter.

In 1981 she became the co-anchor of the CBS Early Morning News with Bill Kurtis.

In 1984 she became the first female co-anchor of 60 Minutes.

In 1989, she moved to ABC News to co-anchor "Primetime Live" newsmagazine with Sam Donaldson.   


In 1999, Sawyer returned to morning news as the co-anchor of "Good Morning America"  


When she moved to the evening news, for over a year (2010-2011), with Katie Couric as then anchor of "CBS News," two of the three network news anchors on broadcast television were women.