More and more women are turning to plastic surgery to make their hands look younger -- and some of them are doing it specifically so their diamond-encrusted fingers don't look bad in their engagement selfies.


As CNN reports, many brides-to-be snap a picture of their hand wearing the new glittering ring and post the image online.


That has some taking extreme measures to make sure their photos online and their wedding day are picture-perfect.


Some doctors say they've seen an uptick in women of all ages turning to cosmetic surgery to improve the look of their hands. Both young and older brides are choosing to go this route.


Doctors can inject fillers into the hands to make them appear more youthful. 

But why has the trend taken off so much in just he past few years? Experts say it's all social-media driven.


As more people post selfies, many can become critical of their own appearance as the digital world plays more of a role in people's lives.